I have been reading at least 1 book every month for some time, however I’m now realising I can do a lot better. I’m aiming to read 3 books every month starting from now.

I will be posting the books I am reading every month on here, (mainly for myself) so I wont lag behind as It will make me feel more obliged to keep up the commitment. At the same time it will of course enable me to share the titles with you and maybe give you some reviews. (If you want?) Who knows. I’m just gonna do it. My library is too big and I’m behind.


The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield

I’ve actually already read this book, but will be reading it again. It’s one of the very few fiction books that I am interested in as it comes highly recommended by quite a few accomplished people. It also gets my stamp of approval. If you read it with an open mind it could really alter your perspective on society and how you are living your life.

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

I started this book when I was in Uganda (which is why it’s so damn dusty) but I didn’t get very far since it’s one of those books that requires a lot of thought and attention. You really have to concentrate when reading it in order to understand it properly. From what I remember of it it was dope so I will give it another shot.

Targeting Corruption; The Booming Business – Pius K. Kidombo

I picked this up from a bookshop in Kenya. Its quite academic and reminds me of the journals you have to read at university. Since I have recently been working with businesses in Kenya and still continue to do so, I believe this may be able to give some good incite into corruption from a local perspective. Starting more ethically responsible businesses and helping tackle corruption at all levels is something that I want to do in Kenya, so this is more research than anything else

Right. That is all.