11.1 Ushuaia

Ushuaia is the southernmost city of South America, and is coined the End of the World. From there, the only way is up.

Though first, I went down (see 11.1.1)

The place serves as a port to Antarctica and has quite a thriving economy going on. It feels a lot like a ski town: remote, shops selling warm clothes, chilly breezes, and tourists paying high prices in restaurants.

The politics/ geography of the area is quite interesting.

Being so far south means Chile sort of curves around as its border is roughly the peaks of the Andes.

Argentina “has” the Atlantic, and Chile the Pacific which means the border stretches right across the coast.

As such, heading up from Ushuaia necessitates passing through their neighbour as it has sort of been cornered in.

The government has invested in the electronics industry to attract jobs etc. There is apparently a history of this, with a number of factories (and the naval base) serving as employment on top of tourism.

The weather (being summer down there) meant it was still bright past 10pm, though people were still layering on the fleeces.

After a couple of days it was ready to go. And this time, it was to the north..

End of the world

View out to 11.1.1

Ushuaia Prison Museum

Ushuaia 9.30pm (note the tiny dog)