14th Apr. – “Engaging Employees with Brand and Culture” – BridgeTalks

“Engaging Employees with Brand and Culture”with Hamish Pringle

Tuesday, 14 April 2015, 7pm – 9pm


Using personal examples and recent case studies, Hamish shows how to enlist all of one’s employees as brand ambassadors. He discusses how to involve them in the brand’s unfolding story whilst enabling them to become self-confident actors within the drama. Finally, Hamish reveals how to gain the competitive advantage by creating and communicating brand ideas or ‘memes’, which employees can embrace, copy, and pass on to their customers. 


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Hamish is an expert in the development and stewardship of corporate, product, and service brands. After ten years in the role he stepped down as Director General of the IPA in July 2011 and returned to consultancy work. In September 2013, he was appointed Strategic Advisor to integrated creative communications agency, 23 Red. He is a Council member of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the co-author/author of five successful business books (available on Amazon), including Brand Manners – How to Create the Self-Confident Organisation to Live the Brand.


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£30 (incl. £5 donation to the New Entrepreneurs Foundation)