16th March – Brands without Borders: From Humble Beginnings to the Global Stage

16th March Speaker Event


Building a brand takes time. Building a global brand takes time, determination, passion and vision and immense drive.

For our next Speaker Series event we have invited entrepreneurs who made it onto the global stage and built international businesses and recognisable brands.

We will be joined by Nick Wheeler, founder of Charles Tyrwhitt, and multiple BAFTA award winner, Phil Davies, the creator and producer of major animation films and TV series (including Peppa Pig).

We have limited tickets available to the pubic – sign up here

Nic Wheeler

Nick Wheeler – Founder of Charles Tyrwhitt

After attempting a number of ventures including a Christmas Tree delivery business Nick struck gold with his shirt company, Charles Tyrwhitt. Since 1986 it has grown to become the largest mail-order shirt business in the UK and has shops across the world. Prior to entrepreneurship Nick worked as a Management Consultant for Bain & Company and he was also a regional judge for the Entrepreneur Challenge UK in 2008.

Phil Davies

Phil Davies – Producer of Peppa Pig

Phil has been working in animation production since the mid 80s and is a six time BAFTA award winner. In 2002, he started working with multi-award winning directors Mark Baker and Neville Astley, founding Astley Baker Davies Ltd. The animation production company produced the global phenomenon and multi-award winning children’s TV show, Peppa Pig, a $1bn global TV and merchandise franchise.