2.1 Managua

Most of my time in Nicaragua has been spent spending hours what should have taken minutes.

This is not really a problem as the weather is fine and I have plenty of time, but can often be frustrating to not able to communicate. I’ve taken to learning a few stock phrases at the hostel, venturing out into the city, repeating the phrase to a bewildered local, and then end up fumbling through the responses.

Although it’s taken a while, there have still been a fair few bits that I have managed in the city, including my first bit of genuine culture (Palacio Nacional de la Cultura) and Lago de Managua – the big lake here.

This also presented the first photo opp, however it won’t be on the shortlist as the guy couldn´t be bothered to stand up from beneath the thatched booth looking onto the lake.

This has also allowed me to spend time in a Backpackers hostel. Quite a few of the people here are interesting. One guy gave me his story as to why he was here as follows. To give you a picture, “Jonny” had a grey pony tail with his cap on backwards. He told the story like this:

Jonny´s friend: So Jonny, have you seen Central America?
Jonny: Sure, I went to Mexico last fall, and went to Panama a few years back
Jonny´s friend: Yeah, but have you really SEEN Central America?
Jonny: Gee, I guess not

Jonny then told me how he got a plane out to Costa Rica three months ago and was now going to Honduras for the diving.

Another guy I have only seen be on his laptop or watching a film the whole time I’ve been here. Living the dream.

I’ve also ticked a stereotype by played cards, with fellow travellers – some guys from Quebec.

By Lago de Managua

Cultural Building #1

Cultural Building #2

Nicaraguan Flag