26th Jan. – “Service Excellence: The Human Driver” – BridgeTalks

“Service Excellence: The Human Driver” with Liggy Webb

Tuesday 26th January 2016, 6.30pm for 7.00pm

Though there are a variety of human drivers for service excellence, this BridgeTalk will focus on one in particular – Resilience. Resilience is now a very familiar term within organisations and is very relevant in current ‘challenging and changing’ times.  The need to equip people to cope better with relentless change and promote personal wellbeing is essential for both personal and business survival. Through her extensive work and research around the topic of resilience, Liggy is now considered to be a thought leader in this field. During her research for her latest book Resilience – How to cope when everything around you keeps changing – Liggy interviewed over 100 people from around the world to identify the key behavioural indicators of what makes a resilient individual. She will discuss this research and her strategic findings at BridgeTalks.

More about Liggy Webb

Liggy Webb is a best selling author and international consultant specialising in behavioural skills. She works with the United Nations and travels to various worldwide locations. Liggy is also the founding director of The Learning Architect, an international consortium of behavioural skills specialists. She is recognised as a thought leader on resilience and is regularly asked to be a keynote speaker across private and public sector.

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£30 +VAT (incl. £5 donation to the New Entrepreneurs Foundation)