6.2 Placencia

Saturday, December 8, 2012

To get from Dangriga to Placencia, I couldn’t take a direct bus, so jumped out at an intersection to wait and hail down another one that would hopefully be going past. Got chatting to a guy who was also waiting there and once twenty minutes or so had passed with no sign of one, we flagged down a passing truck. Conrad (the driver) dropped me in the centre of Placencia Village, and from there I had a short walk shoreward; checking into my room for the next three nights.

Went for a stroll along the beach and back through the village. Picked up some food and found, as in Dangriga, that if someone directs you to “the Chinese”, they mean supermarket. From what I’ve seen so far in Belize, they all look the same (the supermarkets).

Something that has struck me as odd, it shouldn’t really, is the abundance of Christmas songs in a setting of glorious sunshine and clear lagoons. I’ve heard sleigh bells ring, chestnuts roast on an open fire and that Santa Claus is coming to town, all with sand between my toes. I think they need to keep dreamin’ for that White Christmas..

My reason for being in Placencia was for the inaugural Marathon / Half Marathon (http://runbelize.org/index.html?m). As I’ve not been for a jog since Queens’ Park four weeks ago, I opted for the Half option, and hoped for the best.

The Saturday night was sign up and a pasta dinner as part of the carb loading ritual. For details of the race itself, look to 6.2.1. End of the World (Half) Marathon.

The day after, I left Placencia to head down the country, to the Southern region of Belize via water taxi, and then regular bus, to the town of Punta Gorda (PG). Needless to say, after the effects of the previous day’s race, and with a heavy backpack, I was hobbling along like Forrest Gump (before he broke out of the leg braces)

The other guy called shotgun

The “cabanas” at the hotel

Beach view #1

Beach view #2