Recipe for Sam bananas

This is a recipe I was keen to try out after I learnt more about the chocolate making process, and the ingredients that Felix and family were growing.

1. Pre heat oven/ put a log on the fire

2. Take a bunch of bananas (or plantain), the riper the better.

2. Bunch of ripe bananas/ plantain

3. Take a handful of cacao seeds that have dried out in the sun for three weeks or so

3. Dried cacao seeds

4. Remove cacao shells

4. Unshell the seeds

5. Roast for 15 mins on hot plate and leave to cool

5. Roast the seeds

6. Meanwhile, soften a plantain leaf and cut into roughly A4 sizes

6. Soften plantain leaf

7. Once seeds are cool, grind them to a powder

7. Grind cacao seeds

8. Take plantain, slice down middle, but leave skin on the far side in tact. Crisscross the flesh

8. Slice banana/ plantain

9. Sprinkle in some cacao powder (and condensed milk if desired)

10. Sprinkle in twice as much brown sugar

11. Mix in powders, and close up plantain

11. Mix in cacao/ sugar

12. Wrap tightly in plantain leaf and tie together with reed

12. Wrap up and tie

13. Put on hot plate, or better still put directly into fire

13. Put on hot plate/ underneath on fire

14. Once you can feel that flesh is soft, remove from fire, open up, and enjoy. Tastes best when shared.