7.3 Cancun

“Miles of beaches, endless luxury accomodations and a nonstop party atmosphere have transformed this once sleepy village on the Yucatan coast into one of Mexico’s most popular tourist attractions, especially around Spring Break”.

I didn’t experience this however as the main attraction for me was its airport.

After a bus ride in from Merida, I used my hostel as a base to visit Chitchen Itza (see 7.3.1) and generally complete admin ahead of the plane ride to Ecuador and the, still largely unconsidered, trip from Quito to Cusco for the Inca Trail.

The Cancun I saw was effectively the USA. Luxury malls, grand hotels, and fast food chains. It is what it is. I managed to find a local park that served tacos, and so was set in that regard. Otherwise my main view of the famous beaches was from several thousand feet as I headed off into the clouds.