A picture speaks a thousand words?

The amount of time’s i’ve been told that pictures and videos are head and shoulders more effective than a line of text. Seems plausible right?

The rule is completely reversed when it comes to Facebook though.

Over the last few weeks, i’ve been monitoring the kind of posts i’m posting on my fan page, and the insights Facebook provide me. It would seem that status updates with a couple of lines of text reach up to 5 times more people than text that contains a photo or an expanded link. A status that simply reads “Have a good weekend….” was able to reach nearly 4,000 people, compared to a reach of under 200 with a post containing a photo, that I consider to be much more funny and engaging. It’s mind boggling.

I’ve been searching for the answer and it seems that Facebook have concluded that users on average are more likely to respond to simple text posts. Because of these positive signals from user behaviour, more text posts are shown in people’s News Feeds. However, this organic reach is only part of the equation. The overall reach of a post is also driven by its viral reach, which is practically down to how engaging your post may be.

As I said, mind boggling.