We pride ourselves on delivering work that has a positive and lasting impact on the people, areas and communities that we support.

To date, we have developed over 370 young startup leaders.

Over 40% of our NEF+ alumni have gone on to become founders, raising more than £221m in investment and creating 5,000 jobs. These startups have included health-tech, AI, consumer goods, food, drink, and everything in-between. Others have gone on to achieve leadership positions within the UK’s fastest-growing businesses.

We continue to support young entrepreneurs while expanding programme participation. Our focus is firmly on opening up opportunities to more founders from under-represented communities.

For rapidly-growing businesses wanting to develop future leaders, we are now extending places on NEF+ to include talented employees committed to stepping up.

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We have created networks that bring together entrepreneurial communities.

The Refugee Entrepreneurship Network (REN) is a global community of organisations that works to improve the scale and impact of refugee entrepreneurship programmes. The Incubator and Accelerator Network (IAN) aims to increase the scale and impact of business incubators and accelerators across the UK.

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We have published original research that shapes Britain’s entrepreneurship policy.

Our report Starting afresh was formally launched in parliament in 2018, and makes a compelling case for why refugees make great entrepreneurs. Putting the uni in unicorn, published in 2017, highlights the opportunities for universities to drive economic growth and innovation.

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We have hosted Eric Schmidt, former Executive Chairman of Google.

The CFE annual lecture on entrepreneurship is our flagship event – we held the inaugural lecture in November 2018, where Eric Schmidt, explored how Britain, Europe and the world can create the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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