An overview

So, what exactly am I doing this year? (About time to clear that up)

As aforementioned, I’m lucky enough to be one of 36 on board the New Entrepreneurs Foundation (NEF). Here, I will spend 12 months working full time in a host company alongside some of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs, whilst undergoing a learning and development programme and engaging in workshops from supporters such as McKinsey & Company, and Deloitte.

It’s been nearly three weeks since I started working at my host company. My place in the company is ‘CRM and social manager’. Learning to engage and re-engage consumers is something I am especially passionate about, so this couldn’t be more ideal. The majority of my day is spent building email marketing and social campaigns, and looking for other routes to engage our audience. I’m still finding my feet but thanks to a great manager, I’m learning bucket loads already. I feel massively grateful to be there!

So that’s an overview. I will continue to share what I’m doing and learning. Or may throw in a few random posts now and again. Will be in touch!