The CFE Annual Lecture

The Inaugural Centre for Entrepreneurs Annual Lecture

Delivered by Eric Schmidt, technical advisor to Alphabet

27th November 2018

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“I think virtually all of the problems that Britain has, and Europe has, and the world has, can be solved by more entrepreneurship”

On 27th November 2018, former Google CEO and Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt delivered the inaugural Centre for Entrepreneurs Annual Lecture.

This flagship new initiative of the Centre provides a prestigious annual platform for world-leading entrepreneurs to speak about the positive impact entrepreneurs have on society.

In the lecture, Eric explored how Britain, Europe and the world can create the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Why an annual lecture?

Many professions and industries have flagship annual speeches that provide a prestigious platform for reflection and thought-leadership from leading experts. In the UK, journalism has the James Cameron Memorial Lecture, media has the MacTaggart Lecture, and engineering has the Mountbatten Memorial Lecture. These are prized speaking opportunities that attract eminent industry leaders.

Too often, highly experienced entrepreneurs are restricted to using speaking opportunities to speak about their personal journey or address topical issues. As a result, the quality of debate on the wider value of entrepreneurship suffers.

The reality is that entrepreneurs make a substantial contribution to the economy and social fabric of all countries. Not only do they generate the bulk of employment growth and develop innovative products and services for the benefit of consumers, entrepreneurs also become some of the most generous philanthropists and are at the forefront of developing solutions to the world’s most intractable social problems.

The Centre for Entrepreneurs has plugged this gap in the UK’s public debate by launching the CFE Annual Lecture.

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