Be curious

Week 4

For those of you who haven’t read my previous post, this week was set to challenge me immensely as I begin my aim of ‘learning everything’, in prep for my manager’s sudden departure. You’ll be happy to know that I made it out alive, and better than that…my week went ok, albeit my out-of-character desire for a large glass of wine this evening.

So, it is possible that I may have taken ‘leaning everything’ a little too far. I know that I’ve now been thrown a whole new heap of responsibilities, but I couldn’t help but add some more things to the pile. When you’re in a fairly large organisation, especially, it is all too easy to stay put and get on with your day-to-day responsibilities. However, what likely results from this is habit, constricted knowledge, and a desk chair that has quite literally moulded to you. Fortunately, I’m the type of person who wants to know what everyone is doing and how everything works, so I tested my luck this week and raised the possibility of shadowing a few other departments, which are currently alien to me. Turns out I was welcomed with open arms, so as of next week and those to follow, ill be venturing out of CRM and social media for a few hours here and there, to see how things work elsewhere.

The benefit of exploring your workplace isn’t just extended knowledge. When you are aware of how things are working from all angles, your mindset and strategy changes. You are no longer fixed in your route forward. It enables inspiration as you start to look at, and question, how your work can impact others. It may also allow you to influence other areas of the business if you see an opportunity – a new mind to a current process can do wonders. If you think you have the opportunity and time, be curious.

What I learnt the most: How to interpret statistical reporting; If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
My aim for next week: develop my presentation skills in prep for upcoming meetings.