Big Kid businesses

I’ll jump right to it – last night I went to a Roller Disco.


It was a friend’s birthday, the idea was floated and so a  group of us apprehensively headed to Vauxhall in South London.

We paid entry, swapped shoes for skates, and cautiously took our first steps slips around the brightly coloured warehouse.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a plug for the company (though check out if you want), but more an observation of how much people were enjoying themselves.


Everyone in there was over 18 (there are bars on the side), and yet this was an environment where people could act like children again. The majority of people in there were dressed up in fluorescent apparel cutting shapes to S Club 7. The fact that most people were very novice at completing a few circles of the dancefloor was, more or less, an irrelevance.

There was none of the machismo and snideness that often comes with other nights out. If anyone fell over, there were always people on hand to pick you up, and the atmosphere was very much that everyone was there for the reason of having fun (except perhaps for the marshals, who would pick out the particularly attractive skaters to give one-on-one help to…)


And so  this got me thinking… was it that everyone there had subconsciously regressed to their younger selves. To a time when the focus of your spare time was to have unadulterated fun?

If this was the case, are there other ways in which this experience can be recreated that doesn’t involve having wheels on your feet?

Something that has often arisen in pubchat is whether an adult-only Wacky Warehouse would be a viable business. But I’m sure there must be other ways of recreating the spirit youth amongst Generation Y. If someone was able to find a way for people to feel comfortable being big kids again, then that is surely not only worth spending money on, but also sharing with your friends.

It’s another one for the growing pile of “potential business ideas”…