Claire Renwick

Community Development & Events Lead

Claire is the Community Development & Events Lead responsible for developing CFE’s communities, including the Incubator and Accelerator Network and Refugee Entrepreneurship Network, as well as organising events. Claire is an experienced programme lead, securing funding to create innovative accelerator programmes, including sportstech, govtech, and managed the graduate entrepreneur visa scheme. She regularly provides mentoring and coaching to entrepreneurs/career changers and is passionate about creating connections, building empathetic communities, and supporting them to succeed.

With a background in international marketing and business development, Claire previously raised £mm to support the launch of an alternative investment company, and developed a European distribution network for a telecoms SME. Claire has also worked for a number of universities, both as a Consultant focused on knowledge exchange, and as Head of Student Enterprise at SOAS, establishing the student enterprise office, and doubling student engagement year on year.

Claire is also completing a PhD in regional social enterprise ecosystem development, and holds Master’s degrees in Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Education, International Marketing, and Management. She is Exec Chair of a Scout group.

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