CFE – The Military Entrepreneurship Manifesto

The Centre for Entrepreneurs have launched a new report focusing on the role of entrepreneurship in the armed forces.



In ‘The Military Entrepreneurship Manifesto’, the Centre for Entrepreneurs makes five recommendations that would boost ex-forces entrepreneurship, creating a new generation of defence companies that could boost British exports and help revolutionise military innovation.

The role of the Armed Forces in protecting our freedom and prosperity is widely recognised. And they are only able to do this because the military excels at producing personnel with leadership skills, discipline and organisational prowess.

Upon returning to civilian life, many go on to apply their experience to the benefit of businesses, charities and the public sector. But, in its latest report, the Centre for Entrepreneurs suggests that the UK can do far more to capitalise on the unique skills and experience that our ex-forces possess.

Taking inspiration from the United States, Israel and other UK government agencies, the Armed Forces should unleash the entrepreneurial potential of its service leavers to create high-growth businesses.

Follow this link to download the full report: