CFE turns two

Today we celebrate the second birthday of the Centre for Entrepreneurs. In the Centre’s short history, it has:

  • published ‘From Ebb to Flow‘, charting how entrepreneurs are turning the tide for Britain’s seaside towns. Attend the launch event next Monday;
  • published ‘Shattering Stereotypes‘ with Barclays, challenging popular notions about women entrepreneurs;
  • published ‘Creating Our Jobs‘ with DueDil, proving 1 in 7 UK companies are founded by migrants;
  • launched ‘The Maserati 100‘, celebrating 100 entrepreneurs who generously support the next generation;
  • launched ‘The Entrepreneurs’ Manifesto‘, making the case why politicians should embrace entrepreneurs and their ideas;
  • published ‘Nation of Angels‘ with UKBAA, showing angel investors are making more investments than ever before and their numbers are swelling;
  • partnered with 10 Downing Street and DueDil to launch ‘Fortuna 50‘ – an index of the fastest growing women-led businesses;
  • published ‘Spend Small‘ with Spend Network, ranking 150 councils on their small firm spend;
  • taken over the running of StartUp Britain and toured the country to give free advice to over 7,000 aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs across 28 towns and cities.

To get this far, the Centre has relied on the kind support of the Legatum Foundation, Maserati, Sage, NatWest/RBS, Moorgate Communications and countless others, including generous private donors. If you would like to support the Centre’s work, get involved in research programmes or sponsor StartUp Britain, please get in touch.