Autumn Newsletter: Class of 2018 take on the NEF Boot Camp

Autumn Newsletter


We’ve just returned from our annual Boot Camp in the tranquil Lee Valley – two days of workshops, leadership training, idea exchange and community building for our new NEF class.

Boot Camp is the first time our 2018 Cohort have come together since being selected from over 400 applicants to join our intensive year-long entrepreneurship development programme, which all NEFers complete whilst working full time in an innovative, high growth company.

The programme is demanding, and high standards are expected from the outset. But the time each class spends together is important for another reason. These few days, away from their normal surroundings, are a key factor driving the creation of a tightly bonded group and a lasting spirit of community among the class.  An unexpected bonus, and a major surprise for the new NEF Cohort, is the universal lack of phone reception on site!


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Each year the Bootcamp covers core principles of business development and the requirements of the NEF programme alongside new, innovative sessions which reflect the latest trends in business and entrepreneurship development. For this Boot Camp we worked with innovation agency 100% Open to deliver a day of activities around the theme of Innovation. Our ‘NEF Collaboration Accelerator’ consisted of experiential training, co-creation and proven collaboration tools and techniques.




On the third day we returned to London for sessions developing entrepreneurial thinking. From the outset the focus is clear, because in just 12 months this group will be presenting fully formed business ideas to a panel of industry experts.

As ever we are indebted to the incredible support of our partners Sullivan & Cromwell for the use of their incredible facilities in London. We are also thankful for the many other partners and supporters that make the Boot Camp possible.


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