Colours and Brands

I saw this advert on the tube and thought it was a great use of colour to communicate the brand.


I remember by thought process as it caught my eye.

1) First, skimmed the left hand side. “Hmm seems like a reasonable price”.

2) Flitted across to the right and read a couple of features. “Wow, sounds really enticing and high quality”.

3) Back to the left. “Hang on, the price is really low for that!”.

Only after my initial impressions of it being a high quality offering at reasonable prices did I catch the brand in the bottom right. Megabus – chief lieutenants of coach travel at rock-bottom prices.  I was completely fooled by the gold, crimson and purple colour scheme with the sweeping graphic.

Contrast this to Megabus’s core branding of leery yellow and it’s quite a difference. In general, colours like yellow and orange are used for budget brands such as Lidl and EasyJet.  Whereas colours such as dark purple, crimson, dark blue and shades of black are used to signify luxury which are used a lot in high-end fashion retail.  I just typed in ‘Zegna’, and two out of three images on their homepage carousel fit this mould.

For more on this check out the book Webs of Influence.

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