Call for ‘enterprise boot camps’ for veterans to boost defence procurement

The BBC covers the launch of the Centre’s latest research piece, ‘The military entrepreneurship manifesto’.

The Centre for Entrepreneurs said the UK had to learn from the United States and Israel, among others, about how best to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of its service leavers.

Its proposals include:

  • Setting up “intensive” entrepreneurial training programmes targeted at individuals with the skills and attitude needed to start and expand a company
  • Reforming the UK’s Defence and Security Accelerator to focus on producing more military and security start-ups, with access to capital, mentoring and networking
  • Creating a military entrepreneurship hub to provide a workspace and community for entrepreneurs, investors and industry partners
  • Launching innovation labs in military facilities across the UK to build a closer relationship between entrepreneurs and the armed forces

While there are many veterans working in business, including in the defence and security sector, the report said those able to develop high-tech ideas with the greatest growth potential were often not being identified.

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