Elizabeth Gammie and Dr Ian Broadbent: Universities have a key role to play in producing future innovators

The Scotsman covers CFE’s graduate entrepreneurship report to write about how universities can bring economic opportunity to Scotland.

At Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University (RGU), we are firmly of the view that entrepreneurship is a skill and a mindset that can be developed and nurtured. Universities, with their unparalleled access to bright individuals studying across a range of complementary disciplines, have a key role to play in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

However, the Centre for Entrepreneurs, in a report on the role of universities in supporting high-growth graduate start-ups has been very critical of the support given by universities to graduates in entrepreneurship. Indeed, they report that only a third of recent graduates were of the view that their university prepared them well for entrepreneurship and only around 1 per cent of graduates are starting their own business within three years of leaving university.

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