Eric Schmidt told us what managers should really focus on in 2019

In an excellent summary, the Chartered Management Institute outlines key leadership priorities instrumental for innovation and growth laid out by Eric Schmidt during his speech at the Inaugural Centre for Entrepreneurs Annual Lecture on 27 November.

Wading into the debate about whether sector-specific experience is necessary, Schmidt called for managers to be intellectually curious and apply their talents liberally.

Schmidt believes that working practices can be put in place to encourage entrepreneurial ideas – and will boost the bottom line of a business.

For Schmidt, AI could solve the UK’s productivity puzzle. “When you look at automation, it is about tasks not jobs. Until the point when the robot shows up and can replace you and me on stage – which is not any time soon – the [main] issue is [about] essentially replacing routine tasks.”

When there are problems at work, it’s unlikely that they can be solved by any one industry or person alone. Therefore, managers must support a ‘systems approach’ that integrates people and knowledge from different disciplines.

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