Evening Standard: The public view of entrepreneurs needs to change

Writing in the Evening Standard on the eve of our launch, our chairman Luke Johnson highlighted how the inaccurate portrayal of entrepreneurs in Britain’s most popular two business shows – Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice – dominate the UK public’s perceptions of entrepreneurs:

“Far from an accurate portrayal, both programmes are a parody of the entrepreneurial process, and of entrepreneurs themselves. At one extreme they show entrepreneurs to be arrogant, rude and self-serving – at the other naive, ill-prepared and a bit dim-witted. Only the tycoons sitting in judgement come across well.”

He went on to articulate how the Centre for Entrepreneurs aims to fight back on behalf of entrepreneurs:

“Until now entrepreneurs have lacked a voice to fight back. With the launch of the Centre for Entrepreneurs at an event in the City tomorrow evening, we hope this will change. Through surveys and research, events and lobbying, and through protesting loudly when we’re attacked or ignored, our aim is to ensure entrepreneurs are heard and voices heeded rather than ridiculed, exploited, ignored or patronised.”

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