Huffington Post: How prison entrepreneurship could break the cycle of reoffending and save taxpayers billions

Our Lead Researcher, Maximilian Yoshioka writes for the Huffington Post about our new report From inmates to entrepreneurs.

Despite the fact that reoffending by ex-prisoners costs the government and wider society at least £4.5 billion a year, success in reducing recidivism has been limited. Almost half of prisoners reoffend within a year of their release, with young and short-sentenced prisoners actually more likely to reoffend than not. At a time when the public sector is attempting to consolidate and become more efficient, the billions spent every year catching and imprisoning repeat offenders is an unacceptable waste. A new report by the Centre for Entrepreneurs – From inmates to entrepreneurs: how prison entrepreneurship can break the cycle of reoffending – puts forward entrepreneurship as the solution, proposing that prisons prepare their inmates for starting a business upon release.

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