Huffington Post UK: Migrant entrepreneurs ‘breathtaking contribution’ to UK economy – report

The Huffington Post UK covers Migrant Entrepreneurs: Building our businesses, creating our jobs.

Matt Smith, director of the Centre for Entrepreneurs, said: “The contribution of migrant entrepreneurs is, to be frank, breath-taking.

“Presented with such irrefutable evidence, it is now the responsibility of politicians of all parties to celebrate migrant entrepreneurs’ contributions and restate their commitment to maintaining pro-entrepreneurship immigration policies”.

DueDil founder and CEO Damian Kimmelman, himself an American “migrant entrepreneur”, said: “This game-changing research proves that migrant entrepreneurs are hyper-productive, net contributors to the UK economy.

“History tells us that the most productive states always encourage intellectual and technological ferment; that’s what we’re seeing in Britain right now, and we must celebrate it“.

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