Huffington Post UK: Where would we be without immigrants?

Damian Kiimmelman (co-author of the report) comments on the findings within Mirgrant Entrepreneurs: building our businesses, creating our jobs.

The silence around the contribution of immigrants is mainly down to a lack of hard evidence. So yesterday we launched a report called Migrant Entrepreneurs: Building our Businesses, Creating our Jobs, with the Centre for Entrepreneurs, to examine for the first time Britain’s real immigrant economics. Here are just some of the numbers we discovered:

  • Britain is a hub for young, productive, entrepreneurial migrants from 155 countries across the world. There are 456,073 migrant entrepreneurs in the UK, who have founded or co-founded 465,527 companies. These migrant entrepreneurs are, on average, eight years younger than the typical UK-born entrepreneur – 44 vs 52.
  • Migrant entrepreneurs are behind one in seven of all UK companies. Stop and think about that. And their entrepreneurial activity is near double that of UK-born individuals.
  • In the SME (small and medium-sized companies) sector alone, migrant entrepreneurs have created more than one million jobs.

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