Management Today: Can a rise in female angel investors help close the funding gap?

Management Today refers to Centre for Entrepreneurs research in an article about female angel investors:

Women now represent one in seven angel investors in the UK, double the rate in 2008, according to the UK Business Angels Association and the Centre for Entrepreneurs. But that’s still a big disparity. Rich lists might still be populated primarily by men, but the gap is closing. CEBR research back in 2005 suggested women now own 48% of Britain’s assets.

Some individuals and angel groups have grown frustrated with the unequal representation and are trying to change it. Anna Sofat (pictured) set up Addidi, a wealth management and angel investment firm for women, in 2006 after noticing the lack of female angels. ‘The key messages I got from my clients were: yes they’d be interested in investing, but they didn’t want to risk too much of their money and didn’t want to spend too much time,’ she says. ‘Some had tried investing but didn’t enjoy it as the networks were typically white 50-something males and they didn’t have much in common with them.’

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