NEF+ Autumn 2022 Pitch Finale

Last evening, we hosted our NEF+ Pitch Finale featuring the finalists from our Autumn 2022 cohort, together with our judges:

  • Oliver Pawle (CFE’s Chairman and Co-founder)
  • Riam Kanso (Founder & CEO, Conception X)
  • Alastair Moore (entrepreneur and investor in the AI & Web3 sector)


Presenting the Awards

Recognising his outstanding pitch for his revolutionary fresh baby food brand, the judges joined our Chairman Oliver Pawle in awarding the Chairman’s Award to Sallar Al Mulla, CEO of Omami. 

The CEO’s award (for best performance and progress throughout the programme) was also presented by our CEO Timothy Barnes to Maya Raichoora, Co-founder of VIVE Meditation. 


Our judge, Dr Alaistair Moore, Serial Entrepreneur and Web 3 expert commented:

“The prospects for all of the business we saw are really strong!”





Sallar, winner of the Chairman’s award, reflected on his win:

“This has been an incredible experience for me. I’m so glad to have won it and represent Omami – and I don’t just want to celebrate Omami, but our whole cohort. We’ve all done a fantastic job in the last six months and we’ve pushed each other to become better and better… NEF+ has been special for me. Out of Covid and lockdowns, and back into a social environment, it’s given me the confidence to achieve what I want to achieve and skills that I never knew I needed to learn.”


Our CFE Chairman and Co-founder, Oliver Pawle, also commented:

“We’ve had five absolutely outstanding presentations and an interesting variety of sectors, from mental health to the baby food to the gaming industry. The winner, Sallar, is producing some of the best baby food in the country – it’s a very exciting project… Well done to Sallar and the other finalists. We’re very excited about the opportunity for all the people who take part in the NEF+ programme to come to present to potential investors and the rest of the cohort!”


Congratulations to the finalists and thank you to our judges and wider CFE network for joining us!

Featured last night:

Sallar Al Mulla – CEO and Founder, Omami (Winner)

“We make feeding your kids healthy foods the easiest part of your day.”

Fresh, cold-pressed baby foods that are never older than your baby. Their innovative HPP process locks in all the nutrients, tastes & textures for an all-natural range, giving parents a ready-to-serve option that they would feel proud to feed their little ones.

Sara Peters – COO and Co-founder, Adapt 

“An intelligent study planner that keeps students organised wherever they are.”

Every year, millions of students waste hours of time on flimsy, inflexible documents that only end up being thrown out, ripped up or ignored when plans inevitably change – or because they don’t know what they need to do.

Adapt is the first dynamic revision timetable that actually works for students, giving them a prioritised list of tasks designed for them by subject specialists, and automatically adjusting their timetable each day to reflect what they did (or maybe didn’t) get done.



Nibi Lawson – CEO and Founder, Kinky Apothecary 

“The AI-driven on-demand haircare concierge”



Kinky Apothecary makes it easier for everyone to access the right haircare. Built using over 1 million data sets (and growing), our AI-driven engine diagnoses hair issues from the cosmetic (“why is my hair so unmanageable?”) to the health-related (“why is my hair suddenly thinning?”) and recommends solutions from products to connections with the right haircare professionals.


Jo Barrow – CEO and Co-founder, Mind Health AI

“Predictive technology for behaviour change.”


Mind Health AI is building first-of-its-kind technology to support, first, people with addictions, but it will scale to support all behavioural change interventions. By analysing data from commercial wearables and patient inputs, their mobile app uses machine learning to predict lapse and relapse, and provide targeted therapeutic interventions to support patients through the moments of risk



Dan Anahory – CEO and Founder, Real Media Now

“We provide in-game tutorial videos that are sponsored by advertising.”

Real Media now increases retention and revenue for game companies through in-game tutorial videos that are sponsored by advertising.

Joe McDonald – Co-Founder, TEM

“Unlocking $1 Trillion in direct Business to Renewable Generator Transactions”

They provide a fully managed direct business to renewable generation transaction solution. Their Virtual Utility platform onboards, matches, contracts and then manages the risk, reconciliation and ongoing insights for our customers. This is delivered within minutes and at no upfront cost – unlocking 10x reduction in transaction fees for all.