Are you ready to do the time – with an ex-con fitness trainer?

The Centre for Entrepreneurs’ lead researcher Maximilian Yoshioka was quoted on our recent report, From inmates to entrepreneurs, in an article for OZY

That said, the path from ex-con to entrepreneur is seen as the best route for avoiding recidivism, according to “From Inmates to Entrepreneurs,” a May 2016 report from the Centre of Entrepreneurs. Report author Maximilian Yoshioka says that prisoners tend to be better suited to entrepreneurial work than the majority of the worldwide population is. And he understands why former inmates might be drawn to the fitness space. “Many prisoners find working out is a way of gaining respect and security [in prison],” he explains. “Once released, they may find helping others attain physical fitness a convenient and fulfilling way of earning money.” Plus, ex-cons without much education find low barriers to entry when applying for work in professional gyms.

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