Real Business: Why some women hate being called entrepreneurs

Coverage of Shattering Stereotypes in Real Business.

“We’ve all heard of “lipstick entrepreneurs”, “mumpreneuers” and “fempreneurs” – as if the role needs tweaking to make it women-friendly – a helpful feminised version. By using those terms, it reinforces the entrenched perception that starting your own business is largely the realm of men. This can cause something of a vicious cycle, as we see women put off from pursuing the opportunity. 

Interestingly, the Centre for Entrepreneurs carried out research where the majority of women interviewed didn’t identify with the term “entrepreneur” – frequently citing it as a loaded title. Preferred terms were “founder” or “business founder”. 

Some may wonder if this is particularly important at all – surely there are bigger fish to fry when it comes to damaging portrayals of women, not to mention gender inequality across the workplace in general?”

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