Startups: Migrant entrepreneurs behind one in seven UK businesses.

Startups covers Migrant Entrepreneurs: Building our businesses, creating our jobs.

Published by due diligence platform DueDil and think tank the Centre for Entrepreneurs using figures from Companies House, the Migrant entrepreneurs: Building our businesses, creating our jobs report suggests migrant-founded companies are responsible for creating 14% of all UK jobs, 1.16m in total, with Irish, Indian, German, American, and Chinese the most entrepreneurial nationalities.

Labelled ‘migrEnts’, entrepreneurial activity amongst non-UK nationals was found to be “double the amount” of British-born individuals, with 17% percent of ‘migrEnts’ having launched their own business in comparison to 10.4% of those born here.

In addition, the findings also point to migrant business owners being, on average, eight years younger than their British counterparts; 44 years old compared to 52 years old.

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