The Telegraph: Prisons could be unlikely source of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

Our latest report From inmates to entrepreneurs is covered in The Telegraph:

Britain’s prisons are a massive, untapped source of entrepreneurial potential, according to a new report, and the Government is wasting billions by failing to harness this talent.

The Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE), the think tank, has claimed that the UK could save up to £1.4bn each year if it introduced more entrepreneurial programmes into the nation’s prisons.

It has calculated that Britain would slash the annual cost of ex-offenders who reoffend by 31pc. This figure currently stands at around £4.5bn, as each reoffender cost the Government and wider society £131,000.

“Recidivism costs the government billions of pounds a year,” said Luke Johnson, serial entrepreneur and investor, and chairman of CFE. “The widespread introduction of entrepreneurship programmes in prisons provides a strong solution.”

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