Time to stand up and back our start-ups

Matthew Lynn discusses in The Telegraph the results of our Companies House data analysis

According to the latest research from the Centre for Entrepreneurs, there are now worrying signs that this has stalled and may well have gone into decline. We need to reverse that, and fast. So where should we start?

By calling off the dogs, extending the tax breaks available to company founders, by making it easier to hire people, and by subsidising the first few hard years of entrepreneurship for young people. If we don’t, we will lose the new businesses that, if they had been set up, would have allowed the economy to expand in the decade ahead.

The CFE report crunches Companies House data from the past year and concludes that in 2017 some 589,008 new businesses were launched, down from 657,790 in 2016. That is a fall of 10pc in the number of start-ups, the first annual decline since 2010.

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