What is the French for entrepreneur?

The Centre’s lead researcher, Maximilian Yoshioka, writes in CAPX about the upcoming French election and its implications for the country’s entrepreneurs.

New firms drive innovation and productivity by challenging incumbents; research by Nesta has repeatedly demonstrated that a minority of high-growth firms are responsible for the majority of new jobs. An ability to consistently generate high-growth startups could be the difference between a prosperous France and one on a prolonged and painful descent into irrelevance. So what direction would a new president take?

Although hampered during his short stint in government by the left wing of the Socialist Party, Macron did enough to suggest that he is serious about protecting France’s gathering entrepreneurial awakening. He raised the profile of La French Tech, launching a French Tech Hub in London, and led 190 French startups in the largest foreign delegation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last year.

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