Womanthology: Shattering stereotypes around women in entrepreneurship

Womanthology interviews Sarah Fink, head of research at the Centre for Entrepreneurs, on the report Shattering Stereotypes.

“It’s not about biology. Instead, we draw from the data and research to discuss the social and historical context in which both male and female entrepreneurs work. I think it is important to remind the readers that the findings are the result of averages: many will find their own experiences differ. Often, there is more variation within the genders than between them.

We also stress that we have focused our research on a highly successful group of C-suite executives and entrepreneurs. They are those who have made it beyond the start-up phase of the business lifecycle and are running an established firm. We wanted to have a better understanding of what women face in their first year of business, beyond the start-up phase, and looking into the future.

To achieve this understanding, we conducted survey research on 483 C-suite executives and entrepreneurs from UK businesses demonstrating an annual turnover in excess of £2 million, spanning a variety of sectors and industries. The polling was supplemented with 20 phone interviews with female entrepreneurs and an online focus group with eight participants.

The findings are fascinating and shatter the stereotypes that many of us hold about the entrepreneurs.”

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