Entrepreneur Selfie Challenge

Last night was the first annual New Entrepreneurs Foundation dinner. A great evening. During the meal someone noted that within this room, we must have about a 2 degrees of separation from most entrepreneurs in London.

With a bit of chat, this was then crafted into a little game.

The premise is simple: you have 90 days take a selfie with a random entrepreneur.

This guy has played before

This guy has played before

Here’s how to play:

Everyone in the group writes down the name of a famous entrepreneur on a piece of paper and puts it ‘in the hat’. This person must be based in your city.

You then take out a name, and reveal to the group. Note: you can get your own person, so there’s an incentive to not write down someone too unattainable.

Within 90 days of the date, you must take a picture of yourself, and entrepreneur (ideally on your phone with an outstretched arm).


After 90 days, the participants meet up again. Those who didn’t achieve the picture put £50 into a kitty to buy dinner. The group then have dinner, paid for by the kitty. (If only one person fails, looks like you go to McDonalds..)


Test your hustling skills. Have a go today.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Does anyone know Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall?