NEF CEO Neeta Patel – ‘Entrepreneurship is about doing something different

NEF CEO Neeta Patel discusses her career in The Telegraph and how a foundation in STEM subjects is invaluable to entrepreneurship. Part of the STEM Heroes Awards series, Neeta was featured as the Telegraph’s STEM career hero of the month.


Neeta Patel at an NEF entrepreneurship event


One thing chemistry taught me was “try it”. In my research project all I did was mix reagents and boil them and see what happened. That’s what entrepreneurs do. It’s the scientific method – launch, measure, review, adjust and repeat until you get the desired result. It’s one reason entrepreneurship is an ideal career path for STEM graduates – along with their technical appreciation, because most new businesses are fundamentally about technology.

Neeta holds an MA in Chemistry from Oxford University, an MBA (Marketing) from Cass Business School, and a Sloan Fellowship in Strategy and Leadership from London Business School, where she was the winner of the PWC prize in 2009 for a consultancy assignment in China. Prior to joining the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, Neeta worked in Private Equity matching technology entrepreneurs with investors.

Neeta has held senior positions at Thomson Financial (Reuters), Legal & General PLC, Financial Times Group and at the British Council. She is an early internet pioneer having launched the first personal finance web site in Europe for L&G in 1996.


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Neeta Patel Telegraph Article on Entrepreneurship