First week in my new Placement


So I’ve just completed the first week of my new work placement. I’ve also checked, and I can reveal (for those interested) that I’m working at TalkTalk in their London offices. For those that aren’t aware of TalkTalk, they are a major national telecommunications company who provide Telephone, Internet, TV, and Mobile services to the UK. Their major competition comes in the form of the well-known and larger corporates of Sky, BT, and Virgin Media. With the way telecommunications and in particular Broadband/Internet are now becoming an almost household utility like water, gas and electric; the Telco industry in the UK is huge business and I was very excited to secure my work placement at TalkTalk through the NEF.

Starting back on Monday I have to say I’ve spent a fair chunk of my first week immersing myself in the inductions, policies, systems and office lingo of the company, as well as a lot of hours reading documents to get me up to speed with the recent work of my project team. This has all been good though and interesting stuff. The work that TalkTalk do and the work I’m going to be involved in over this coming year is very interesting and engaging, and I’m quite excited about being involved and the huge experience I will gain.

I’ve quickly familiarised myself with the office, my team, the transport to and from work and feel quite settled with things already. I think having worked for the best part of two years previous has really helped this, I knew what to expect from a working office environment. The place is a really nice venue to work in, and give me a couple of weeks hopefully I’ll be blogging to tell you about the new friends I’ve made and how the social scene is.

As I hinted in my previous blog, I went on a company Induction Day on Tuesday, the second day of my employment. This was impressive for two reasons, firstly the slick way in which I was signed up for the day and sent up the country on pre-paid/arranged travel was very impressive and professional, and secondly the content of the day and early introduction to the company, what it does and the business areas; was just what a new starter needs as soon as possible. The information and background was exactly what I’d hoped for and the induction team did a great job of presenting and communicating the right stuff to us throughout the day.

Next time they tell me I’m booked on the 7.30am train out of London the next morning; I think I’ll be a bit less shocked and a lot more enthusiastic.