Refugee Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 | London, 31st of October 2019

From 31st October to 1st November, the Centre for Entrepreneurs, supported by NatWest, is hosting the 2nd annual Refugee Entrepreneurship Summit.

Following the successful inaugural summit last November with 80 attendees from 20 countries, this year the Centre is convening 140 people for two action-packed days of knowledge exchange, networking and collaboration.

The summit will bring together members of the Refugee Entrepreneurship Network, practitioners running refugee entrepreneurship programmes, philanthropists, international organisations, researchers and more.

Like last year, this is an action-orientated summit. We seat attendees in groups of ten to maximise knowledge exchange, discussion and connections. Most of the day will be spent in workshops, with limited keynotes and panel discussions.

We are organising access to co-working space and meeting rooms for the following day to allow attendees to organise fringe workshops and one-to-one meetings.

For details on the administrative arrangements for participants click here.

Finally, read our blog on last year’s event and see below for a summary of the 2018 summit.

Refugee Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 | London, 2nd of November 2018

November 2018 saw the inaugural Global Refugee Entrepreneurship Summit, co-hosted by the Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in London.

More than 80 practitioners from 20 countries came together for a day of knowledge-exchange, action and networking. In workgroups of ten, participants spent most of the day designing their own solutions for the sector’s challenges.

Attendees comprised of philanthropists, investors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and of course refugee entrepreneurship programmes, including: The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network (UK), SINGA Business Lab (Germany), DELITE LABS (Netherlands), African Entrepreneur Collective (Rwanda), Startups Without Borders (Egypt), 51 Labs (Iraq), the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation, Ygap (Australia) and the Entrepreneurship Support Program for Refugee Empowerment (Japan).

Highlights from the day:

  • Opening address: Edin Bašić, founder of Firezza Pizza and former refugee, drew from his inspiring story of growing Firezza into a successful restaurant chain.
  • Best practice presentations delivered by three leading organisations: The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network (UK), SINGA Business Lab (Germany) and African Entrepreneur Collective (Rwanda).
  • Panel discussion on sustainability: Chaired by Dr Michelle Richey (Loughborough University) attendees learned about the latest funding solutions from Hanna Wieten (DELITE LABS), Davide Libralesso (Etimos Foundation) and Chris Clements (Social Finance).
  • Three facilitated workshops: In groups of ten, participants designed their own solutions on the themes of programme design, funding, scaling and sustainability, and cross-organisational cooperation.

Download 2018 summit programme