I believe…. in crowdsourcing.

So apparently people don’t buy what you do, they buy what you believe…

I’m not trying to sell myself here exactly, but it seems a good way to introduce myself.

I’m Bea and I believe that closing the female leadership gap will make the world a better place. I believe that being successful in business puts you in a good position to make a positive impact in the world. I believe that businesses today have to care, have a social and an environmental conscience, to be successful. So yeah, I believe in lots of stuff, but I won’t go on because I feel internet shy, and it’s really cheesy, and I wasn’t even planning on writing about myself at all. Damn. 

When I decided to write this blog (5 minutes ago) I decided that I would just write about people/things that have excited me, because it’s more interesting, for me to write, and unfortunately for you to read too.

Right now I am most excited by crowdsourcing. I mean – what a great idea! It’s awesome to think about, not just what could i do/buy/see but what could  a group of people, sometimes thousands, sometimes millions do/buy/see etc. if they could organise it somehow. The most inspiring example of crowdsourcing I’ve seen recently is from the guy who invented captcha. He felt bad about wasting people’s time and so invented ‘recaptcha’ which serves the same purpose as captcha (makes sure users are human) but when people fill it in, unbeknownst to them…. THEY ARE DIGITISING ANCIENT BOOKS. Seriously. That blows my mind. Also his next venture, duolingo, an amazing language app that helps people learn language (c’est tres bien!) while unwittingly TRANSLATING THE WORLD WIDE WEB. A process that would otherwise be unimaginably time consuming and expensive, and serves the amazing purpose of opening up information (think wikipedia) to everyone. There’s an amazing Ted talk which I highly recommend you watch here. 


I’ll save my second ‘thing that is really exciting’ for my next blog. But I’m thinking either Lydia Cacho (amazing mexican journalist who investigated human trafficking across the world). 

Pls forgive spelling mistakes – am dyselxic (also think spelling is boring and annoying) I know. I should read eats, shoots and leaves….