In search of the early editions

The taxi pulled up outside Leicester Square at 3am; myself and Edd bundled out, separated, and each headed for a 24 hour off licence.

Like Kings Cross and Liverpool Street, we again had no joy. We came back to our driver for the evening empty handed, save for anecdotes of a few minor interactions with some of London’s late night characters.

Our final destination was outside Smithfield market at the magical crossover time when confused Freshers stumbled out of Fabric and first lay eyes on the blood stained meat workers across the road. There was mutual intrigue from both parties, until the students scurried off into taxis, and the men back to their cleavers.

With no copy of The Independent to show for our evening’s endeavours,  Edd and I agreed to reconvene in 4 hours,  to get the shot we wanted.

This whole chain of events had begun weeks ago, before I had started work at Tutorfair. With some charm and good fortune, Tutorfair had organised for a double page spread on the company’s “child for a child” policy to be featured in The Independent. When I started on October 1st, we were drawing up an action plan of what to do in the 3 weeks leading up to publication.

Then on Wednesday afternoon, we were told it was going to be published in the morning.

This meant accelerating through the plan in quick time. Over the course of the next 16 hours, Andrew and Edd sent 500+ emails to contacts in all walks of life to inform them of the story. We worked out Press Releases, and drafted messages throughout the rest of the day.

The final piece of the jigsaw was to be Edd holding up a copy of the double page spread, to send out to our contacts. There were rumours that early editions were printed, and sold at various spots around the capital, and so at 1.30am, we left the office in Smithfields, and waited outside Liverpool St.

As you’ve heard, by the end of the night, our conclusion was that no early runs of newspapers exist in London any more. And so we found a newsagents at 7am, turned to page 48, and Edd displayed his jubilation at reading the full article:

Tutorfair - The Independent

Edd finding Tutorfair in The Independent

The next couple of days were spent covering PR sides of pushing the story out in various forms. By COB on Friday, contact had been made with several new organisations, as well as record traffic towards the site.

This had been quite the baptism of fire in my new company.

SIDE NOTE: if anyone does know where the early runs of newspapers get delivered to, please get in touch. We couldn’t even find a Google search term that might allude to the answer…