“My brain is melting – in a good way!”
Emily Davies,  University of Exeter

“I’m so inspired and been filled with ideas to take back to my incubator.”
Bekki Coppock, University of East London

“You hear about a lot of these issues in the abstract and it’s good to hear them live from the actual practitioners themselves.”
Yanitsa Vladimirova, Enterprise Engagement Manager, NACUE


The annual conference for the Incubator and Accelerator Network brings together incubator managers from across the country.

For two days, attendees have the unique opportunity to network, discuss and exchange knowledge with other incubator and accelerator managers, as well as business leaders and policy-makers.

The 6th-7th February 2019 saw the second conference of the CFE Incubator and Accelerator Network. Attendees heard from Ella Goldner (Zinc VC), Henry Whorwhood (Beauhurst), Daniel Harrison (BEIS), Nina Lovelace (Kandu), Philippa Seal, Effi Kli, Matthias Pastor (The Family), Michael Howe (Campus Capital) and others.