These last few weeks, the importance of networking has been stressed.

It is obviously useful to tap into someone who knows someone as a way of getting things done within your career/ venture/ life. The NEF CEO Neeta Patel has excellent advice in a recent post.

The key takeaway I’ve had so far is “give before you get”.

It’s a nice way to avoid the dread/ embarrassment we can sometimes feel when approaching someone who we consider to be way out of our league in what they’ve achieved. My go to is often to offer some thoughts on whatever project they are working on – “I can offer a fresh set of eyes if you like?” has worked as a way of establishing contact.

Of course, if I had deep industry knowledge, technical expertise, or knew half the people in the room, I could offer something more tangible.

However today I stumbled upon a slightly different twist on this issue of how to help other people out.

It’s called

And the story of how is started is definitely an interesting read.

In short, Robyn, the founder, found that over the years she had been introduced to a number of fascinating people that had really helped her out. She wanted to say thank you, and so updated everyone who had ever given her an intro via email on what the result of the connection was, as a Christmas message.

She found the response to be overwhelming, with people saying how much they valued hearing this, and had they known, they would have been happy to intro them to more people who could help.

The article linked to another page – How The World’s Top Relationship Builder Makes Introductions – which cites how someone described as “an inherently shy introvert ” (Adam Rifkin) has had a huge impact on the people he connects.

He makes 3 introductions every day. That’s 10,000 in the past decade (!).

The article itself gives greater detail on how to do this most effectively.

Something for us all to take note of – it’s a great feeling to be able to connect up people who otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to meet.

Thanks for reading.