Let me tell you about resilience

I’m certain nobody reads my blog, but incase in the off chance someone does, or will, i’m writing with that in mind.

I’m aware I have disappeared off the face of the earth the last few weeks… My past blog-post regarding my work life introduced the fact that my 2nd manager had left (within 2 days). Since then, I have lost two more. You may not believe me, but I promise this to be true, and i’ll tell you a snippet of what has happened.

Here’s a quick overview for those who haven’t read my previous posts.

Background: I’m a 21 year old recent Psychology graduate, currently on board an entrepreneurial graduate program, which involves a full time 12-month placement within a new company. I’m 8 months in…

My first day: I was introduced to CRM as a marketing channel, and told I would be assisting the head of CRM as well as managing Social Media. I spent the day googling what CRM stood for.

My 2nd week: My direct manager left the company. I took on all of his responsibilities in form of 7 pages of hand-over notes. From then, I spent the majority of my time researching everything and talking to everyone. It was important that I became an expert (to some extent) within this channel, to ensure that it’s operations continued to run smoothly. But I did it. I managed to increase productivity and efficiency despite this pressurised and busy period.

As weeks progressed, the company started to evolve massively. I was balancing 101 things. I became drained, exhausted, and anxious. But, I took a step back, decided what was important for ME, and got on with it at my own pace.

4 months in: My third manager left. I lost quite a bit of support, but my role became a little more flexible. I could start doing things how I wanted to do them, but I was managing myself. It was an interesting time. Some people would probably enjoy the freedom, however, I’m just at the start of my career. I want to learn from people. I need support and guidance. I want to learn the right ways to do things, not the ways I think they should be done. It was a difficult time, a lonely one, but I was growing as a person. I actually felt myself become tougher.

Now: I’ve just lost my fourth manager. Things are now changing more than ever, with a product launch on the horizon – something I’m excited to get involved in. I’m intrigued how this challenge pans out, and I’m certain it will be a rocky ride. However, I’m determined to make my responsibilities a success.

Oh… and I’m also now taking 1-2 days off a week to begin working on my own project, which involves helping to expand and reposition an existing business.

Wish me luck!