Low Priorities Weekend (+ Business Card solution)

This might be applicable to anyone who keeps To Do lists.

For the past couple of months or so I’ve been keeping one (online: using Trello). It’s grown.

The high priorities get done in time, but there is a steady accumulation of things that need doing which reside in the Low Priority list.

The week went so quick that suddenly it was Friday afternoon, and I’d made no real plans beyond that night. So I took this an opportunity to clear a backlog of things that needed doing, but I couldn’t really justify doing during the week.

I managed to tie up a few writing projects I still had to work on, played around with this blog (and another I’m writing) as well as general fixes that were needed around the flat. There was also changing a light bulb, deep shallow cleaning the kitchen, and some filing.

Now, all of this is must be entirely uninteresting to the reader, however there was one tool I found that was very useful, and will hopefully save time in the future.


CamCard is a way of taking a picture of a business card and then for all the information to then go directly into your phone book. It’s pretty intuitive and seamlessly integrates itself with your Gmail accounts etc. In fact, I’ll save the sales pitch for them.

Either way, it is free, and now means my clump of business cards no longer sits on my side table gathering dust. It can now be of value as I’ll be able to search through the content easily through my phone/ email, and be able to note down where/ when I met someone should we ever be in touch again.

And it’s one more little thing to take off the To Do list.

I’m not sure how often a Low Priority Weekend is needed, but it’ll be interesting to see if there are any positive effects in the coming weeks.



If anyone can think of creative things to do with my now unnecessary mass of cards, do get in touch, it’s seems a shame to throw them all away. Perhaps a House of Cards or similar?

Tangent: maybe not a House of Cards, but an Office of Business Cards? Or a Workspace of Business Cards?

Double tangent: this seems similar to the collective nouns debate. Is it a Network of Entrepreneurs? a Pitch of Entrepreneurs? An Aspiration of Startups?

I’ll park this conversation for some other time…