New data shows student entrepreneurs are faster to commercialise their inventions

Business Leader quotes the Centre’s analysis of Companies House data. The research suggests that there is often a trade-off that entrepreneurs have to consider in commercializing their inventions. The dilemma between a control or an execution-based strategy also impacts other…

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The UK must embrace refugees’ entrepreneurial potential

The Centre’s director, Matt Smith, writes in the Huffington Post about our research on refugee entrepreneurship. British history is littered with examples of entrepreneurial success that are now household names in our everyday lives. What we’ve found is that refugees…

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The refugee who found her smile when she said ‘cheese’

The Times write a feature about the Centre’s latest report, ‘Starting Afresh: How entrepreneurship is transforming the lives of resettled refugees’, published today. The Centre for Entrepreneurs (CfE), a think tank, has produced a new report that argues success stories like that…

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Bill Jamieson: Start-ups betray weak pulse of the economy

The Scotsman covers our 2017 Companies House data analysis Since the recovery from the 2008-09 recession, the start-up story across the UK has been strongly positive, helped by support from organisations such as Start-Up Britain. ONS figures show that in…

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Time to stand up and back our start-ups

Matthew Lynn discusses in The Telegraph the results of our Companies House data analysis According to the latest research from the Centre for Entrepreneurs, there are now worrying signs that this has stalled and may well have gone into decline.…

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Birmingham, cradle of the start-up revolution

The Times draw from the Centre’s new company formations analysis to cover Birmingham’s startup scene The renewed energy in the city has encouraged entrepreneurs to put down roots. “Ten years ago, there was a very mediocre feel about the place,”…

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UK must embrace refugees’ entrepreneurial potential, think tank urges

The Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE) – the entrepreneurship think tank – has today released a report calling on the UK to empower resettled refugees through entrepreneurship. ‘Starting afresh: How entrepreneurship is transforming the lives of resettled refugees’ details the experience…

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Business formations fall after tax clampdown

Tax clampdown on public sector contractors behind drop in business formations in 2017. The latest Companies House data, as analysed by the Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE), shows that 589,008 new businesses launched in 2017 – a drop from 657,790 in…

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CFE and New Entrepreneurs Foundation join forces to become leading entrepreneurship advocate

The Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE) has joined forces with the New Entrepreneurs Foundation (NEF), a charity whose vision is to transform UK business by developing the entrepreneurial leaders of the future, to create a new combined not-for-profit “entrepreneurial powerhouse” to…

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New incubator network to boost UK startups

A national network has launched to connect the UK’s business incubators and accelerators. The Centre for Entrepreneurs think tank (CFE) has launched a network to connect Britain’s incubators and accelerators – a group of over 350 business support programmes that…

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Incubating graduates could unleash a wave of high-growth startups, claims CFE report

A report released today by the Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE) claims that by improving the business support available to recent graduates, universities could unleash a wave of high-growth entrepreneurship across the UK. The Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE) – the leading…

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2016 breaks business formation records

The latest Companies House data, as analysed by the Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE), shows that business formation reached another record high in 2016 – with a total of 657,790 new businesses started. This builds on previous records of 608,110 in…

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