How we measure impact

We assess and report the impact and effectiveness of our work with measures specific and relevant to the outcomes for each area of activity, these being:

Our entrepreneur development programme, NEF+

        We assess the educational impact of the programme via the skills developed, confidence gained and networks created by NEF+ participants through a longitudinal study that surveys cohort members’ pre- and post-programme assessment of their skills, knowledge and connections. Results and qualitative feedback from participants also provides a key source of ongoing programme development ideas.

      We measure the cumulative impact of NEF+ alumni who go on to launch and scale businesses by tracking the annual changes in the total number of live ventures, jobs created and investment raised by those ventures. As increasing numbers of NEF+ alumni-founded businesses grow and complete external fundraising rounds, we also track the collective valuation of businesses that have completed at least one external fundraise.

Networks and communities

Our key impact measures for the networks that we have created and sustained – IAN and REN – are membership numbers, member engagement and event attendance. In the case of REN we have also created topic-specific working groups focused on specific areas of interest to the network, each led by a different member organisation or representative.


Where CFE undertakes distinct programme activity, we develop and define a bespoke evaluation framework and criteria specific to the project, usually in conjunction with an academic partner who have subject-matter expertise in the field. Evaluation criteria and post-programme results are published in our programme reports, and included in our annual report, in the relevant year of delivery.


Our reports are extensively and thoroughly researched and reviewed prior to publication. Research methodology varies according to the specific topic for each report. Outcome measures include: press and media coverage and resulting follow-on enquiries, engagement with government departments and MPs and requests follow-up activities.


We include outcome reporting as part of our annual report, which also includes our audited accounts at the end of each financial year. You can download copies of our recent annual reports below.