My On-going Projects


I’m planning on producing a dedicated page to my past, current and future projects. This will include pictures, sketches and links to websites and media etc. It’ll hopefully turn up in the next few weeks, but in the meantime I thought I’d write a quick update on the projects I currently have on-going;

The StartUp Story

You’re reading it! This is my business and entrepreneurship blog, intended as a record and storyline of my year of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation programme, and on my journey as a budding entrepreneur more generally. Its purpose is twofold – get me to record everything I’ve been doing so I’ve got somewhere to recall it all, and secondly; to act as a source of reference and interest for others starting out on the entrepreneurial path. Hopefully it’ll prove useful, insightful and interesting reading to others in the same position I have been in over the last few years, and also to those at different stages on their own startup journey.

The Web Put Simply

This one I’m excited about, but I really need to get it finished and published! I decided over summer that I now have a small wealth of basic knowledge in web design, HTML, CSS, hosting etc. gleaned from self-learning over the last 2-3 years. So I thought why not compile it all into one online resource, for the benefit of others who want a simple answer and a simple start into learning web design and development.

The site will be full of learning resources, information, advice, examples, sketches and mock ups of web designs I’ve developed myself, and I’m also hoping it’ll be the sharpest / most attractive site I’ll have done to date. Watch this space!

Rolling Stock Cycles

This was my first ever website and the start of it all really. I started RSC in my final term at Uni. It was designed to be a website for everything Cycling, MTB and Triathlon at University level in the UK. I filled it with sports blogs, articles and results, from friends, team mates and connections, all at University or recently graduated. At the minute, RSC has taken a back seat while new projects gobble up my time and efforts, but I do still intend to re-visit it and maybe look towards handing it over to a community of current students for them to re-vamp and maintain going forwards.

D Dixon Roofing

My first freelance website commission. I’m in the early stages of designing and producing a from-scratch website for a friend for his personal roofing business. This is quite an interesting project because it’s nothing like the websites I’ve previously produced and will have to be turned around in a short time frame and meet the design criteria and hopes of my friend.

A handful of Ideas

“So what’s your business idea then?” – this is a question I’m getting asked at least 3 times a week nowadays. It tends to come about 2 seconds after meeting someone new and explaining to them my placement programme through the NEF and what I do for work. It tends to get the reply of “I’ve currently got a handful of ideas and am in the process of evaluating them and picking which one(s) to run with, ramp up and hopefully launch next year as a new startup business” – which is true, so watch this space!