Need a business? Global Wardrobe/ HemiShare/ Share a Suitcase

Ever realised that half your wardrobe is unnecessary for half the year?

In those winter months your shorts, summery T-Shirts, and flip flops are taking up precious space and are never being used. Then, when May comes around you swap clothes around, and put your jumpers, scarves and coats into hibernation.

Do you know who else is having this problem? People in Australia.

But wait, when you’re bagging up your shorts for the winter – that’s exactly when they are cracking them out and going to the beach!

What you need is <insert witty business name>




... wardrobe

… wardrobe

Make a profile on our site and find someone who matches your size, build and fashion taste, but who lives in the opposite hemisphere. Pack up your out of season clothes and send them off via the <insert witty business name> platform. In return, they send you their wardrobe of out-of-season-but-for-you-in-season clothes!

You then enjoy all of the benefits of possessing in-season clothes, impress your friends by wearing edgy international clothes, and form long distance friendships with the people you share with.

The usual wardrobe migration occurs every 6 months, so when the weather turns, simply repack all the items (maybe including a local souvenir to say thank you..) and send them back.


<insert witty business name> offers insurance for clothes lost in transit, and also provides a social platform for those wishing to collaborate on cross-country fashion.

If you’re looking at a wardrobe of clothes you won’t be wearing for a few months – sign up today!


NOTE: This service is less useful for people living on, or near to the equator.



DISCLAIMER: This post is 95% spoof